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Our Homes

Linden, MI

This bright & airy home is filled with surprises. From a hidden walk-in pantry that is an entire room on its own to shiplap accents, custom lighting and so much more. 

Each bathroom (4) is tiled differently and each room has its own similar tone. This home involves two kitchens. The main and an additional kitchen in the basement also features its own rec room right in the center, separating two different wings of bedrooms (3 bedrooms). The massive sliding glass door opens out to a view of the lake. 

20131 Grove Street

Linden, MI

This unique home came with 2 custom trusses that our carpenter hand-made, stained, and installed. The counters are leathered granite, the master bedroom has an ombre mural plus black trim throughout the entire house. The deck outside is complemented with an outdoor living room including a fireplace and TV.

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Tyrone Township, MI

This one-of-a-kind home tucked in the outskirts of Fenton is touched with southern belle accents and bold gold light fixtures that not only light up the room but bring the room to life!

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Grand Blanc Township 

This three-bedroom, two-bath is complemented with a modern twist with a ranch-based layout. From the shiplap to the designer cabinets to the contemporary yet rustic barn door leading into the master bedroom, this home was built to be unique!

The Nelson’s Project
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